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No, but when Burgess [Jenkins] was playing Billy, the last few months, the dialogue was a little flirty and Burgess and I joked about it off set and how crazy that would make Jack. [Then-Executive Producer] Jill Farren Phelps brought me over and introduced me.When Jason walked in, I don’t remember anything official being said to us. I was very nervous, obviously, but they were very sweet and made me feel welcome.He joined the cast of the American daytime drama General Hospital in December 2005 as neurosurgeon Dr. In 2007, Thompson became an original cast member of the General Hospital prime-time spin-off General Hospital: Night Shift while maintaining his day job on GH.On April 1, 2015, Thompson also portrayed original GH character Steve Hardy in a flashback for the show's 52nd anniversary.Even when I would talk to the writers about the future of my character and where Billy was going, nothing was said to me of an affair. They helped me out a lot with the story and who Billy is.When it started to happen, it was a bit surprising. I just kept thinking, “Oh, my gosh, I love working with Jason! To come into a well-oiled machine and to be helped to fit in was very much appreciated.Within a few years of committing to an acting career, Thompson has amassed various television, film and theatre credits.

Jason Craig Thompson (born November 20, 1976) is a Canadian actor.

Ex-Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) was on hand for his pal’s baby shower and brought along his adorable General Hospital’s (GH) Kimberly Mc Cullough recently exited Now she is Robin Scorpio-Drake and is married to the sexy neurosurgeon Patrick Drake who was last played by Jason Thompson.

Fans have got use to Robin and daughter Emma (Brooklyn Rae Jason Thompson also reports that Thompson "was in talks with another soap, and there was at least one additional drama that had express interest in adding the popular star to its cast." Meanwhile, Emmy winner Kimberly Mc Cullough will be making another Kimberly Mc Cullough has given birth to her baby boy on June 7 Her former co-star and TV husband, Jason Thompson, also has a son, Bowie, and a daughter on the way.

Earlier this month, Jason Thompson, who plays Patrick, Robin’s widower (he thinks she’s dead, but in fact, she According to International Business Times, Jason Thompson, who plays Dr.

Patrick Drake Other characters will also be returning to the show including Kimberly Mc Cullough who plays the role of Robin Scorpio.