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Sun Ah visited Binnie along with Ryeo Won and Dan again on the set of Snow Queen and Binnie has visited her while filming Girl Scouts and while shooting a CF with Yoon Eun Hye.* Hyun Bin being such a gentleman to Sun Ah during the MBC awards night circa 2005 where he was almost like her PA who’s hellbent on keeping her legs covered the entire night while also shouting to the whole world that there’s only Sam Soon for him while drying her tears away.Up until early 2009 Sun Bin fans are hopeful that there is still a chance that these two will get together in real life despite the fact that Kim Sun Ah obviously only sees Binnie as a dongseng or younger brother.

Por otro lado los estudiantes de primer año son conflictivos, mientras los alumnos de ultimo semestre Go Nam Soon, Song Ha Kyung, Park Heung Soo y Lee Kang Joo solo desean graduarse de la escuela y se irán presentando conflictos que deberán resolverlos.However netizens were quick to notice something in these photos, with various commenters making note of how much chubbier Eunjung appears to look in the photos.Eunjung looked like she gained some weight in her thighs and her v-line chin was nowhere to be seen.Drama que estará situado en una prestigiosa escuela secundaria privada en el lujoso barrio de Gangnam, Seúl, Corea del Sur.Lee Eun Bi es una joven que vive en una casa hogar y asiste a la preparatoria Noori, en Tongyeon, una provincia al sur, donde es víctima de bullying por sus compañeras.Ella desaparece durante un viaje escolar a Tongyeon en circunstancias misteriosas. Song Dae Hwi es un estudiante aparentemente perfecto que es bueno en todo y también protege a los débiles con su “carisma justo”.