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Such devices can range from non-networked standalone devices as simple as calculators, to networked mobile computing devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.

Government mandating digital

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On May 23, 2012, the Administration launched a comprehensive Digital Government Strategy aimed at delivering better digital services to the American people. Government agencies are asked to "build a 21st century digital Government that delivers better digital services to the American people." One of the components of the digital strategy, open data, was further promoted though Memorandum M-13-13, Open Data Policy-Managing Information as an Asset. Department of State’s progress in meeting the requirements of the Digital Government Strategy and implementing the Open Data Policy.

The strategy builds on several initiatives, including Executive Order 13571, Streamlining Service Delivery and Improving Customer Service, and Executive Order 13576, Delivering an Efficient, Effective, and Accountable Government. The Open Data Policy has as its goals to increase operational efficiencies at reduced costs, improve services and support mission needs, to safeguard personal information and to increase public access to valuable government information. The Open Data Plan, which contains the Inventory Schedule, is listed below.

The recent appointment of Ms Dixon is a critical step forward for the DTO as it attempts to dramatically improve the public’s experience of dealing with government services by shifting to a so-called ‘user centric’ development model – one that is based on catering to the real world needs of citizens instead of forcing them conform to myriad of disconnected portals, passwords, information requirements and standards.

Although the DTO’s big ramp-up on digital identity and the ANAO probe into my Gov are not formally linked, the timing of the two announcements is so fortuitously close that it’s again rammed home the urgent need to arrest what DTO chief Paul Shetler has previously labelled the unacceptably high “failure cost” of poor and disconnected public services. These malicious threat actors are highly sophisticated and extremely well-funded. Federal and State and local government agencies are constantly targeted by nation state cyber threat actors as well as criminal networks.The need to ensure the cyber security and compliance measure are met and up to date has never been greater. As this effort picks up steam, agencies are serving their citizens via public website, web services, and citizen information portals that are critical digital channels, and hence must be secured.Government agencies are adopting E-Government practices as mandated by the Digital Government Strategy (2013) to move agencies online and make information accessible to the U. Citizens are dramatically increasing the use of web-based and mobile channels to perform government related activities like pay taxes, apply for and renew government documents, and exchange highly sensitive data with government agencies.Risk IQ is uniquely equipped to facilitate the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program from the Department of Homeland Security.