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Often times, we will create a record without knowing all of the various data points we typically want to capture.

If we do not go back and fill that information in once it becomes known, we are left with an incomplete and potentially inaccurate record.

E.g.: SELECT * FROM Filtered Account AS CRMAF_Account Using the pre-filter though, requires you to query from the filtered view.

Now this is helpful in that in using the filtered view, you are getting the benefits which filtered views provide, such as security enforcement and visible picklist option labels.

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If the given string contains a period, the reference will traverse s Object relationships as expected.If you don't need special-case logic for the update case, extend this class instead.That way you only need to implement the first signature of the method which takes only a single s Object instance.When writing a custom SSRS report for CRM, one of the greatest features is the ability to include pre-filtering in your reports.By adding the CRMAF_ prefix to the alias assigned to the table you are querying, it will pass your selected CRM records as the context for your report.Spam like “doradar”, “sharebutton”, and a variety of misleading web addresses have been plaguing analytics consoles for a couple of years now.