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Updating wii with wiikey

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Also a chance of bricking your wii if you don't do it properly? hardmod you can't reverse when things go wrong and you need to claim warranty, however it will still work even with system update and if done correctly, there is a very small chance of bricking.

softmod has greater chance of brick and system update can render the mod useless than a chip, a chip is safer, more reliable etc, but it is still very good, and the price is certainly right.:) I started out using the softmod as a means to hold me over until I had the time and money to spend on a chip.

The Wiikey Fusion is a drive replacement for the Nintendo Wii, which is attached solderless. On the Game Cube the Wiikey Fusion can replace the entire DVD drive and allows to boot game backups from SD(HC) Cards.

As of around January 07, 2013, the Wiikey Fusion website appears to have been taken down and official production stopped.


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Also be sure to get the correct firmware and config disc for your region. Once done it tells you to hit A, which will reboot the Wii. I am not sure if the reset button can be used for those who do not have a Game Cube controller, but it was possible in previous updates.My chip installation is fine and the firmware update went without a hitch (as did 1.9b some time ago). – Yes Percentage of Backups that load – 0% (all show as unknown, the disc just stops spinning. Press the Eject Button and remove the disc.” error) Originals load? – Yes, does nothing Tried Config/Update Discs/GCOS boot?So, if you have a similar problem, post your experience here! Description – A couple of days after updating to 1.9g and playing SMG (Euro version on Euro console), all backups stopped to work. I think it might have happened when the Wii was disconnected from the mains (not 100% sure). – Yes, none will get recognized, same as all backups Media Tried – Sony /-R, Verbatim -R, Fujifilm -R, Imation R, TDK -R, @2x and 4x Burner(s) – Nero, Imgburn Black Magic – Tried: Taking out CMOS battery and unplug off mains for a while, formatting Wii system memory I’d also like to see a description of what happens when you use the recovery disc successfully.Wii Firmware Version – 3.0E Original/Clone Wiikey – Original Previous Wiikey Firmware Version – 1.9b Any problems Updating? I am about to get a wii and was wondering if I should softmod or hardmod. I've heard that with softmod its messy when nintendo do firmware updates or something?I have hosted it on my site, as well as linked to other sources so we can all enjoy flawless performance on our Wii Key's!