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how to validate on the save button click, I don't want to validate every single textarea like the code below $(document).ready(function () ); make a function and then on save click iterate through the form get all the text areas and then perform the required field validation and as well on the keyup event I need the maxlength to be 500 for every text area You will need to figure out a way to provide context to your error messages.That is, you need to pair up the error messages with the elements. Actually, not even that, since "Within a query component, the characters ;, /, ?

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Just put the Javascript code into a separate file and link to it, on a page that explains what the code does, if you think the code is useful. I have a page which has 2 text areas and wanted to validate each text area if the characters being typed is more than max length upon clicking submit button.Problem with the code below when clicking submit it can only detect if textarea1 is more than max length but not the other textarea.The purpose of this behavior is to avoid excessive animations as a user moves between views that are largely, but not entirely, text fields. An input view is a substitute for system keyboards that is assigned to the property of a text view or a custom view.When there are input views, UIKit might swap out the keyboard even when a text object is first responder, and it might show a keyboard-like input view on the developer's behalf for non-text objects.There are a couple of exceptions to this common behavior.